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Working with colleagues in every corner of the company, you’ll be a responsive problem-solver with great communication skills and a gift for delivering innovative, efficient solutions. Our information technology group maintains the smooth operation of Canon Canada’s proprietary and third-party systems, allowing everyone within the organization to collaborate and work together.

Area of Interest

“People fresh out of college start as co-op students, which is a researcher position, or associate business analysts. You can move up to more senior-level positions. [New hires are successful when they] have an open mind and are willing to learn. Being business analysts, my team members try to understand more than just the system. We hope our department will be a partner to the different business units.”

Scott, IT Apps Manager, with Canon Canada since 2010

“The majority of people who come here want to get things done and treat each other nicely. It’s like a big family—at least that’s how I feel about that, that people enjoy working here. People are given opportunities to learn. Management believes that if you haven’t tried an area, it’s your time to give it a shot.”

Wayne, Senior Analyst, with Canon Canada since 2011

Canon CA IT staff

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We are always looking for driven and determined individuals who can grow with us.

Canon CA IT staff